Oliver Dumoulin

Visual product designer and developer currently working on design systems at Priceline in New York City.


Design Systems Owner, Priceline

Jan 2018 — Present

Visual Product Designer, Priceline

Jul 2017 — Present

Co-founder & Creative, Knacks LLC

Feb 2016 — Present

Freelance Designer, Cometa Group

Sep 2015 — Aug 2017

UI/UX Design Intern, Priceline

Jun 2016 — Sep 2016

Web Design Intern, Black Stag LLC

Sep 2013 — Aug 2015


Mobile homepage designs for Priceline

Turned Feather icon set into a Sketch Library

Kanye West quote generator

Brand, graphic, and web design for Subprism

Yelp iOS app redesign concept

OVO website redesign concept

Civies iOS app onboarding design